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FOX Business
Nov 1, 2013 12:00am EDT
the government does not that. skeptical of that, a doctor, obstetrician and taxes, stopped practicing a job. now a congressman. doctor, you wrote an op-ed were you said america was supposed to be different from europe. what is your point? >> honestly, the whole premise of the founding of our society was that it was a free society based upon limited government with government with the consent of the government. we broke away from a country where the divine right of kings was the popular philosophy. you owed to the king the tide and tax because after all, he was anointed by god. john: a majority at the time voted for it. >> it passed and as the president is apt to tell you very quickly, it passed through the supreme court with some changes. you know, is still be, a part of the united states congress to change something that is bad. chase something that people don't want. and really, the next up in this trauma, if you will, is up to the american people. i have done what i can't the last three years to either try to deflect or improve are not damaged people so badly with this thing. honestly, do you
FOX Business
Oct 30, 2013 12:00am EDT
taxes. melissa: that cost bush 41 big-time. now president obama is having a read my lips moment of his own. what is it going to cost him? this is why money matters. is >> no matter how we reform health care we will keep this promise. to the american people. if you like your doctor, you will be able to keep your doctor, period. [applause] if you like your health care plan, you will be able to keep your health care plan. period. [applause] no one will take it away, no matter what. melissa: looks like the president has the some major explaining to do because new reports say that when the president made those fateful comments in 2009, he already knew that at least half the people who buy their own health insurance, were not going to be able to keep their existing plan. politicians had definitely told some whoppers over the years, but just like bush 41's infamous no new taxes promise, president obama's false claim is poised to have hit millions of americans squarely in the wallet. joining us now, are my favorite professor, charles lib some from the university of chicago and igor stroll can
FOX Business
Oct 31, 2013 5:00pm EDT
to get access to a database aimed at busting tax evaders. the new database contains company ownership details. in an effort to expose international money laundering and tax evasion schemes, the information is specific to those with 25% or more of a company's shares or voting rights. by making it public, the british government is hoping to put pressure on firms and individuals trying to hide money and profits. we'll see if that works. all right, landing in egypt, the country's tourism board is launching an ambitious campaign to lure back visitors that haven't been scared off by the political turmoil. yeah, those pictures not helping with tourism. you'd think being home to one of the wonders of the world would be a big enough draw, but egypt has lost $2.5 billion in revenue since the revolution began in 2011. a about eleven and a half people visited egypt in 20 the, hoping -- 2012. some days you're too sick to work. other days you're simply sick of work. and like ferris buehler, you just need a day off. from counterfeit colds to fraudulent flus, you won't believe how far some people go.
FOX Business
Nov 4, 2013 5:00pm EST
in other lower-taxed countries. the italian government would benefit from tax levied on extra income from the ad agencies. sounder really well-thought out. >>> over to the u.k. where targeted advertising is getting even more invasive. the world's third largest retailer is now installing high-tech screens at some gas station stores that will scan the customers that are lined up and taylor ads to them. the system is called optimize, like eyes. cameras are built-in screens that tell if you are mail -- male or female and which one of three age groups you belong to. perfect. >>> what's upnext? what about standard airplane seats being standard 18-inch size. too big, too small? tweet me. this could be what we're buying for the future of travel. >>> "who made money today." his genius electrified the company once again. keep watching to find out who it is. "piles of money" straight ahead. ♪ melissa: so when you are crammed into a middle seat right next to the bathroom flying the friendly skies can feel downright miserable, but one plane maker is trying to make your next when a little more comfor
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5 (some duplicates have been removed)